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    It's my mini off-season but still working on gains. I love my curves. #Navigate #SquatClub #npcbikinilife #toneitup Rolled oats & quinoa blend topped with berries and raisins while I catch up on #NFL happenings - football training camp is here! #ToneItUp #npcbikinilife Quiet talk. #DC #Chinatown

Wind Down: An After Preakness Party

This past Saturday I worked Wind Down, the post-Preakness party hosted by Scott Plank and Spike Gjerde, the chef-restaurateur behind one of my favorite Baltimore spots, Woodberry Kitchen. The party was also a “celebration of the bounties of the Chesapeake Bay watershed,” with part of the proceeds benefiting the Oyster Recovery Partnership. The amazing menu … Continue reading


Meet My Trainer! // Werkin’ That Bikini Booty

Last year I toyed with the idea of competing in an NPC bikini contest – I even worked with a personal trainer for a while – but for various reasons, I ultimately didn’t pursue it. This year I knew I was going to go for it. I discovered a trainer in my gym was a … Continue reading


Charity Ride for Jake’s Law

Earlier this month, Maryland passed ‘Jake’s Law’, a bill that increases penalties for drivers who cause serious injury or death while driving distracted, especially with cellphone use. Rev Cycle Studio is supporting this cause with a 60-minute charity ride led by Janet Roa. Janet has a special connection to Jake – he was a friend … Continue reading



This week marks nine weeks until my first NPC bikini competition – the countdown is on! Time to really commit and put in the work. My nutrition has to be exact and clean from this point forward, and I can tell you right now that it’s where I’m going to struggle the most. What can … Continue reading


Friday Five

Yesterday was full of “A-ha!” moments for me. I’m convinced that when I start the day with an endorphin high (via a 6am cycle class at Rev Cycle Studio), then my mind is open to so many things that the Universe offers. I carried that energy with me throughout every interaction I had yesterday. And … Continue reading


180s Contest!

Last few days to enter to win the QuantumCool Active Training Jacket! With unpredictable Baltimore weather, I’ve been wearing this jacket a lot for running and walking my dog – super light and self-packable for your gym bag. It was perfect gear for running the Sole of the City 10k recently! Click on the image … Continue reading

I got Beach Babe ready with TIU last summer - ready to rock it again this year!

NPC Bikini, Getting Ready for Summer with TIU, and Meal Prep Tips

You ever get those moments when everything in your life seems to be in motion at once, and you’re doing all you can to stay afloat? I’m currently in that whirlwind. Between career moves, job obligations, family & friends, and a summer for which to prepare, I’m super excited for all that’s happening in my … Continue reading


The Baltimore Farmers’ Market & Bazaar

I absolutely love farmers’ markets. Fresh produce, talking to the independent farmers and vendors, the food, all the little odds and ends in between – I really enjoy making it an outing. In particular, I love the Baltimore Farmers’ Market & Bazaar, which just opened this month for the season and is located under the … Continue reading

Monday Motivators

I’m consistently asked how I stay motivated when it comes to fitness. I don’t have a secret formula or anything that convenient, but I will hit you with some knowledge. Some of these are irreverent and goofy but all are absolutely true for me. Take what you want out of it and let’s trade advice. … Continue reading


Sole of the City 10K In Pictures

My love for Baltimore is endless. Further, I love almost everything that highlights the best parts of this city. Among them is Charm City Run’s Sole of the City 10k, now in its third year with a new course. I started the morning with a REV60 BLAST class at Rev Cycle Studio, so needless to … Continue reading


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